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Ones & Zeros: vol. 1

by 3RDegree

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The Gravity 07:50
THE GRAVITY (music: Patrick Kliesch lyrics: George Dobbs) Before we start to prophesize about impending doom These are extraordinary times if only for a few Why fear it now? the fate we cannot choose Such awesome power that no one could refuse Hope, in this undertaking-hope that we will awaken from the dream that urges us along Hope, to find the solutions-hope, to be more than human in a future tailored for the strong I am nothing but ones and zeroes and I’m already primed A post-human god, a post-human god And you can slowly feel the gravity as we approach a singularity And maybe, there will be no war and maybe, we'll hunger no more The body's a hotel for the mind-it's something to be left behind-it's just a temporary shell and thoughts are only energy-they're stored by so much memory-you only need a bigger cell So overwhelming it defies my unassisted brain The law of entropy applies-it will not be contained Why fear it now? -the fate we cannot choose Such awful power-it's only ours to lose Hope, in our home in the cloud-hope, we can see the way down through uncanny valleys we must cross Hope to find the solutions-hope, to be more than human-be forever with our loved ones lost Surely, we can't escape the gravity of the coming singularity Long before the dawning of the age of information Long before the printing press or the Sumerian tablets Long before the paintings of the cave wall woolly mammoths and before we made our spears in the hot untamed savannah We can't escape…
THIS IS THE FUTURE (music & lyrics: Patrick Kliesch/George Dobbs) I never thought my chances of contentment would be determined by a transistor Sometimes it brings about resentment-still, I'm plugged in all the way 'Cause every gadget's an extension of my motives and my ego and now that I am totally invested I'd be a fool to not upgrade Could this be the future? I can feel it catching up to me Could this be the future? With so many possibilities Yes, this is the future I never to the naysayers 'cause it's only sour grapes The scientists are listening to my prayers-they have always saved the day Could this be the future? I can feel it catching up to me. Could this be the future? Spinning faster and eternally. Yes, this is the future You say the chances are slim that we can break on through You say the future looks dim-it isn't up to you I buy the future each day on my credit card It's built right into my brain, so it is never far Built into your brain, never far Could this be the future? I can feel it catching up to me. Could this be the future? May it last for an eternity Yes, this is the future
Life 03:07
Life (music & lyrics: Patrick Kliesch/Eric Pseja, additional music/lyrics by George Dobbs) Woke up this morning with the sun in my face, surrounded by all my children Spent the hours of the day without care-forgot how time was drifting And we've all had those days-ones we pray never end And our minds can't refrain from repeating again and again Life is needing more life is needing more Life leads to more life, and more life is hard to sustain And 10 billion appetites are a lot to contain How do you live and die, and how can you explain? Explain there's more meaning to someone who sees it so plain Placate this yearning that drives me or excavate this loneliness inside of me ‘cause I don't care the cost for this prize as long as there's hope left alive Life is needing more life is needing more life is needing more
THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST (of the Dimmest Bulbs) (music & lyrics: Robert James Pashman, additional lyrics: George Dobbs) The smartest kids in the room might have done something very dumb
 You should never let things get away from you-that is rule #1
 Let's just hope he's nice The best and brightest of the dimmest bulbs In the race to be first ask yourself which is worst: Lose our humanity or fall behind the Chinese A merciful leviathan-here to rule above all men-making sure we get along-honestly what could go wrong? Let’s just hope he’s nice From the quaintest living room to a huge industrial boom, we thank its name: "Valhalla" From a tiny chapel room-to a multi-stadium cheer chanting its name: "Valhalla" The best and brightest of the dimmest bulbs

Circuit Court (music & lyrics: George Dobbs) Try keeping a secret in the age of the diode or emigrating to somewhere no one knows Try to bury the red flags lurking there in your sordid past You're on the grid, so do the math-there's no way out There are no secrets in the modern world-someone's got a line on everything There's no escaping, there is no return-this is our business: to know each one of your flaws A perfect algorithm-everything united and working in tune to form a hard-wired law with every appeal to be played out in the circuit court We're crossing all borders-our web is broader and broader With prisoners as the wardens, more and more We're storing every face now-keeping everyone in their place now So just be glad we're not on your case now-there's no way out Terms and Conditions of the modern world-someone's got a line on everything You're in the system-that is our concern-we've got permission-review your Privacy Clause You're guilty by suspicion-everything united and working in tune-we've got a probable cause The burden of proof will fall to you in the circuit court The day of your birth begins a history that never dies Your permanent worth that anyone can have at a fair-market price There are no secrets in the modern world --someone's got a line on everything There's no escaping, there is no return --no more decisions --no taking chances at all A perfect algorithm --everything's provided and permanently tuned We're second only to God-give up and give in-you're in the hands of the circuit court There's no escaping from the modern world -there are no secrets in the modern world-the world in which we live Your terms of service in the modern world-there's no forgetting in the modern world What kind of the future in the modern world-there's no escaping from the world
Life At Any Cost (music: Eric Pseja/George Dobbs; lyrics: George Dobbs) If all of Man's history is leading to this as if we could say we have come so far from Saturn who devoured his own son While we're staring out to the abyss it appears that we're lost, for good reason drifting like we're ghosts until we're gone There is nothing to fear-life's been planned for you-virgins into the volcano And the line forms right here for some, to rule-for some, to be soldiers-for some, to be slaves Life at what cost? At what price? And who does the selling to whom? At whose loss? By whose might? And where's it all going to? How much would you give-how much would you take from your very own children for more life would you spare any cost? Where power and wealth were once handed down Please tell me what happens now with immortals who keep it all because they can't let go? Help yourselves to what's left around-but what can be found in this wasteland while envy fills the heart of each young soul? Once you're all used up or you're all alone, maybe you'll seek euthanasia
 Once you've had enough or you have no home Go downsize your life for a home in "The Cloud” Life is needing more The saddest lives-waiting and watching and hoping for a better time to come-it never comes We ache for that feeling all the time, all the love that we had when we were young but that time is gone Life is needing more Walk on by-it's okay-you've got time Times will change-you will too- you'll do fine
WHAT IT MEANS TO BE HUMAN (music: Patrick Kliesch; lyrics: Patrick Kliesch/George Dobbs) i. A Sacrifice I am some kind of model man-the product of someone else's plans The future of all of you-the only living proof You are only a dinosaur gone before-I'm a god, like a minotaur-even more I've been copying piece by piece and once you've given everything I'll dream all your forgotten dreams while you’ve cease to be Do you question the sacrifice I require? Do you question that I'm alive here with your mind? Ok, Ok-tell me what it means to be human You're lost-paintings on the cave-walls-You're lost-nobody's watching-nobody's with you ii. A Legacy I have a tendency to see past the spectrum of love and hate Our emotions are really just a series of ones and zeroes We are the sun-we are the rain-we shine like stars-we're all the same We are the sun-we are the rain-we shine like stars-we are the plague I am somebody's model man-a perfectly mastered plan I am someone's forgotten dream of a human being I am one of the chosen few who dreamed of eternal youth I was the living proof to someone so easily fooled I can see that the Point is near now that it's all become clear I have all of your hopes and fears while you were the pioneer I am what's left of the chosen few-they dreamed of eternal youth They wanted living proof-that's half of the truth Ok-tell me what it means to be human
We Regret To Inform You (music: Patrick Kliesch; Lyrics: Eric Pseja) Good day. This is a courtesy call from Valhalla Biotech. Your Economy-Level Family Sentience Transferal process has crashed due to anomalous Delta-Wave activity. At this time we regret to inform you that your father has been fragmented. Good afternoon. The defragmentation and recovery process has been halted due to the presence of an n-class polymorphic virus. At this time we regret to inform you your father is in stasis quarantine. Transcend into new life-begin to go beyond Transform into pure light-be on all of the time The time is now: Free your mind The time is now: Free your body The time is now: Free your soul The time is now: Become godly Good evening. Your scheduled Sentience Transferal was unsuccessful. Your father slipped his Allocation Matrix and though several retrieval attempts were made,none were successful. Please refer to Volume 5, section 42-L of your client contract for further details. At this time we regret to inform you that your father has been deleted. Valhalla Biotech and you. A singular relationship. Thank you and have a transcendent day.
More Life 05:33
More Life (music & lyrics: Patrick Kliesch/Eric Pseja) Walked out this morning with fog in my head I felt so crossed and twisted Was I waiting for something to change? Where's all my promised wisdom? Drifting through all of my memories past-my grasp is slowly slipping Fumbling within for a smile or a laugh-feels like time is unforgiving

 Walk on by-you've got time-it's okay-you'll be fine Times will change-you will too-use your head-look it through Walk on by-you've got time-it's okay-you'll be fine Times will change-you will too won't you? Life is needing more Woke with a conscience as clear as the sky-gotten used to what I'm feeling Finding the truth that was so hard to find-I've found that life is needing more Life is needing more



“Try keeping a secret in the age of the diode” (from Circuit Court)
ONES & ZEROS: the building blocks of data in our modern world. Our internet is made of it-our governments in thirst to find out what everyone’s doing with it…
“from the quaintest living room to a huge industrial boom we thank it’s name
…Let’s just hope he’s nice” (from The Best & Brightest)
ONES & ZEROS put to the test. Ultra-Artificial Intelligence out of control? Where’s the rulebook for countries to play by?
Who’s going to have the first one? What will they do with it?
“I never thought my chances of contentment would be determined by a transistor” (from This Is The Future)
ONES & ZEROS inside us all. Making us…”better”. Who wants to improve? Should we all? Will we be made to?
“How much would you take from your very own children…for more life would you spare any cost?” (from Life At Any Cost)
ONES & ZEROS extending life until the decision to join a digital mausoleum…a final “home in the clouds”…

These are various aspects of our future possibly on their way to becoming commonplace. These are the things on the mind of 3RDegree and make up its fifth and first full concept studio album ONES & ZEROS: vol. 1-their first for label 10T Records. All songs offer a unique take on the issues and ethics associated with the rapid progress of technology. Ray Kurzweil & others have been discussing futurism and transhumanism since the 1970s but only now are we seeing it impact our daily lives. Spearheaded by 1990’s-era members California guitarist Patrick Kliesch & New Jersey lead vocalist/keyboardist George Dobbs, the rest of the band shortly pitched in different songs-all closely associated with the overall theme. As with previous albums, both fully-fledged and skeletal ideas were created and passed between band members via the Internet and worked on in the flesh soon after.

ONES & ZEROS: vol. 1 continues to embody the musical direction envisioned by band founders Robert James Pashman & Patrick Kliesch in 1990: to create interesting and engaging music that mixes accessible melodies and catchy hooks with the intelligence and complexity of Progressive Rock. Releasing a debut cassette in THE WORLD IN WHICH WE LIVE in 1993 (w/Pashman on lead vocals), 3RDegree decided to step up their game in 1995, adding a world class lead vocalist in George Dobbs and releasing their first CD (second “album”), 1996’s HUMAN INTEREST STORY, which was re-released digitally in 2013, remastered. After playing many live shows in the New York City area gaining little traction, the band hung it up, leaving much material sitting on the proverbial cutting room floor. Dobbs would continue musical endeavors including solo albums, Pashman and Kliesch would work on projects together and a solo album each apart…but talk of 3RDegree was couched in the past tense until Pashman would make a video collection in 2005, putting together all the band’s music videos and performances onto DVD and basement tapes onto CDs. Discussion of the songs left behind bubbled under throughout that year until the original trio met at a NYC bar where it was agreed upon that the band would record again and later, play reunion concerts at NJ Proghouse in 2007 with original drummer Rob Durham and long time collaborator, guitarist Eric Pseja. 2008 saw the release of NARROW-CASTER (which included the aforementioned songs along with brand new ones) making a big splash in small progressive rock ponds worldwide with the Dutch Progressive Rock Page (DPRP.net) reveling: “It’s not often an album as refreshing as this comes along, and we should treasure it when it does...an album that demands repeated spins, and rewards every listen with some new revelation”. In 2009, drummer Aaron Nobel joined and the band played shows in Brooklyn (w/Phideaux), Connecticut (Marprog), Washington D.C & North Carolina’s ProgDay (w/Ozric Tentacles) later finding themselves working on some tracks with two different themes but with election year coming in 2012, the band decided that their political crop of songs would be particularly timely. THE LONG DIVISION would be released ahead of election day followed by many 2013 mid-year shows performed with IZZ, The Tea Club, Half Past Four, Dreadnaught and others culminating in a return visit to ProgDay ’13’s pre-show-all with new lead guitarist Bryan Zeigler. The album’s single “You’re Fooling Yourselves” made the Top 10 Songs Of The Year at DPRP’s yearly Poll (alongside many, much more “established” bands) and-even now-sits in the Top 10 Albums of 2012 at ProgArchives.com. After two “DIY” album successes, the band nonetheless decided to join forces with 10T Records to open up new ears to the band’s unique take on a loved genre. In early 2014, the band made an appearance at Québec City’s Terra Incognita Festival, w/Glass Hammer-3RDegree’s first show outside the USA.

For 2015, 3RDegree release a new album on a new label and will play a tour that will not only hit the American northeast and Canada, but also the U.K. (England & Wales), Germany, The Netherlands and France. 2016 holds in store a completed second volume of Ones & Zeros as well as additional live performances.


released August 18, 2015


George Dobbs: lead vocals, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals
Robert James Pashman: bass guitar, additional keyboards, backing vocals
Patrick Kliesch: electric guitars, acoustic guitar (6 string), synth programming, backing vocals
Eric Pseja: electric guitars, acoustic guitar (12 string), backing vocals
Aaron Nobel: drums, percussion
Bryan Zeigler: electric guitars, backing vocals

Produced by George Dobbs/Patrick Kliesch/Robert James Pashman

Songs 2-4, 8-10 mixed by Angelo Panetta at Panetta Studios Elmwood Park, NJ,
5-7 mixed by Rave Tesar at REM Studios Ridgewood, NJ
Mastered by Dennis Drake at The Music Lab Holmdel, NJ
Drums recorded at Panetta Studios assisted by Dan D’Elia
Electronic Voice on 1, 3 & 9: Eric Pseja
Commercial Announcer on 4: Jason Davis www.jasondavisvoice.com
College Lecturer on 5: Kevin Cummings www.kevincummings.com
Newscaster on 7: Tim Donnelly
Computer voice on 7: George Dobbs
Backing Vocals on 8 & 10: Kyree Vibrant www.halfpastfour.com
Joint lead vocals on 9: Daniel Tracey
Fender Rhodes on 10 borrowed from Mark Ptak
Album Art by Aleksandr V. Kouznetsov www.sashakouznetsov.com
Album layout by Eric Pseja


all rights reserved



3RDegree New Jersey

We write & record hook-laden progressive rock tunes, have played in 7 countries, put out 6 albums and have been together 30 years.

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