Recovering Dreamer

by Robert James Pashman

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Out of the ashes of the January 1997 3RDegree breakup came founder Robert James Pashman amassing recording gear to record some ideas he had for 3RDegree songs and others certainly not for his former band...

Mission Statement
This collection of songs represents a labor of love over the last few years, recorded now and then, here and there. Some are “leftovers” from my previous band 3RDegree, while some represent different “new directions” I tried to go in. The result, I believe is a hodgepodge of sorts that hopefully will not confuse. There are an abundance of cover songs for different reasons-Level 42, Kevin Gilbert and Marillion covers for entry on tribute cd’s and Led Zeppelin for a birthday present! I now present to you the listener, my force of habit-”Recovering Dreamer”.

I finally put all the songs that were mine when 3RDegree broke up and everything I did on my own from ’97 to ’00 onto a cd and it became RECOVERING DREAMER. I got sidelined with the p0rta1 project and waited ‘til ’01 to let it out in the wild. The album title remains one of my favorites. It doesn’t pertain to any particular songs or even an overall theme but I think the two words really “say” a lot. For a while “Love In A Peaceful World” was able to be heard on the website and “Souvenir” was available for download at the Kevin Gilbert website. There’s a lot of songs on this cd that are little known cover songs with the possible exception of “The Rain Song” which is a slightly obscure Led Zeppelin song that I think is one of their finest moments and holds some personal meaning for me. Two songs are pretty transparent. “Live With This Forever” sort of takes on O.J. Simpson while “Running Joke” refers to President Clinton’s “troubles”. “Lesson Book” is a lyrical reworking of one of 3RDegree’s best out-takes “Heaven Is...”. Basically the songs are more drum loop and keyboard based than the usual 3RDegree song but there’s plenty of RJP guitar playing on the cd-something I could only do in the studio! Patrick Kliesch shows up on the intro to “A Man” while Rob Durham appears on saxophone (!) on “A Work Of Art”. Also, the band’s long-time drum tech and drum session co-producer Dan D’Elia joins me on “Hollow Man”-a Marillion song entered for a tribute cd.

"Live With This Forever" & "Lesson Book" (formerly "Heaven Is" and later "Cautionary Tale") would later be recorded for 3RDegree's Narrow-Caster album in 2008

"A Work Of Art" would later be recorded for 3RDegree's The Long Division in 2012

"A Man" would later become a 3RDegree song as well.


released September 1, 2001

©2001 Robert James Pashman
All original songs written, performed, engineered & produced by RJP except:

9. "Souvenir" written by Kevin Gilbert
11. "Love In A Peaceful World" written by Darbyshire/White and a Level 42 song
13. "Hollow Man" written and performed by Marillion
14. "The Rain Song" written by Page/Plant and a Led Zeppelin song

Songs 15-19 are unfinished demos from the same time period as the other songs



all rights reserved


3RDegree New Jersey

Formed in 1990, 3RDegree would release 2 studio albums before a '97 breakup. Their "comeback" album NARROW-CASTER dropped in '08. THE LONG DIVISION followed September 2012 gaining them many fans and a signing with 10T Records which put out '96's HUMAN INTEREST STORY remastered. Summer of 2015 saw ONES & ZEROS-their first concept album. A European tour in September would follow. ... more


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